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Tips For Driving With Your Pet

Your pet is a member of your family, this is indisputable, and as a family member, he deserves to be part of your holiday. Maybe you just wanna take your sidekick with you on that road trip, or driving him for a walk in a nice place a little farther from home, driving with your pet can be a very bonding and rewarding experience; but it is not enough to put him in the car and, no matter how polite and obedient your dog is, there are rules to transport your best friend safely.

Tips for driving with your pet
Tips for driving with your pet

What you shouldn't do:

In the first place, it is important to emphasize that it is not OK to carry a dog without any leash or kennel in the cab of the vehicle, it doesn't matter how obedient your pup may be. Any small unsecured object or being in the back seat, regardless of whether it is a child, a dog or a suitcase, will become a projectile that can be ejected through the windshield in the event of a sudden braking or collision or could hit your head.

On the other hand, leaving the window open and allowing the dog to take off his head may seem adorable and surely your furry best friend loves to feel the wind in their face, but there isn't a more dangerous behavior than this. The dog can jump out the window because they see something that catches their attention, and this can happen with the car running or at any stop. In addition, the breeze can put foreign substances/ debris in the respiratory tract or in the eyes of your puppy and cause a health problem.

Also, if your dog is loose and free inside the car, it is likely to do things that distract you or to get your attention, which may cause you to take your eyes off the road and lower your guard, time enough to have an accident. To transport pets inside the car, it's mandatory to put them inside a kennel or fastened with a special harness. It is the only way to guarantee yours and your best friend safety, even if you have an accident, he will be more protected.

What you should do:

- If you make a long trip with your pet, don't feed him at least 7 hours before leaving, as they may suffer from carsickness and vomiting.

- If your pet isn't used to make long trips in the car, it is better to take short drives before the big trip so that he becomes familiar with the routine.

- Make stops every two hours. Take out your pup to walk a little to relieve their stress, make them drink a little water and let them go potty.

- If you must stop to eat or buy something, don't leave your pet alone inside the car. Never. High temperatures inside the car can cause death by thermal shock.

- Try to drive efficiently, calmly, avoiding sharp maneuvers that can scare your pet.

- Don't forget to pack their food, an extra bottle of fresh water for the road and place in the car or inside the kennel a blanket or toy that he recognizes as his.

- Your dog must have a collar with identification plates, with your phone numbers and contact information. Walk them with a leash at any stop or at your destination. Remember that you are in a place that is unfamiliar, your pup can be scared, run and get lost.

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