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DIY Tire Change

Posted on December 9, 2017 at 1:50 PM

DIY Tire Change

Tire changes are expensive at repair shops and for those of us who are brave knowing how to change your tires can save you a great amount of money. There are quite a few steps to complete a tire change, however, and so it is important to pay attention and be precise when you were changing a tire. This article will teach you the steps needed to change a tire. 

First, make sure you have all the appropriate tools needed. Given the importance of tires, this is not a job you want to be using makeshift parts. To change a tire, you will need a spare tire, or donut, jack, and a lug wrench. These are the three most important pieces. It is also essential to have a flashlight and gloves to keep yourself safe while doing this project. Wheel wedges are also crucial because they help keep the car secure while it's raised on the jack. In emergency situations, make sure you turn your hazards on before you change your tire so people can see you when they approach.

Next, put your parking brake on and have an additional light source behind your car. Then grab your wheel wedges and place them on the tire across from the flat. Again, safety is essential when working with an object which weighs at least 2,000 pounds. Then you have to remove the wheel cover so you can get the lug nuts. Loosen the lug nuts a little, so you will have an easier time when removing the tire.

As you transition to using a jack, it is important that the equipment is secure. You should give yourself about 6 inches of height on the jack. Then remove the lug nuts from the tire, put these somewhere safe. Grab the tire and take it off of the axle. Your spare will be needed at this step. Line up the spare in position with the lug nuts and place the spare on the car. Find your lug nuts and secure them in the car but do not put them on too tight. Lower your jack and place it back in your trunk. Use the lug wrench to tighten the bolts on your spare tire.

Finally, if you have a cover, you can place it back on your tire now. All you have to do is make sure your tire is safe to drive upon. Air pressure is your biggest concern so make sure your tire has enough air to drive safely.

Tire changes work under similar principles for both emergencies and non-emergencies. For regular tire changes, it is also important to test the tire which you purchased to be sure it is not defective. It can be a challenge to change a tire, but with this guide, hopefully, you will be able to succeed and save yourself the labor costs you would be charged at a repair shop.

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