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The Whole thing You Need to Know about Engine Remapping

Posted on July 12, 2017 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (2)

The Whole thing You Need to Know about Engine Remapping

Regardless of how sleek or fast you auto is, its power and performance are still limited. This isn't because of a mechanical factor, but due to the software that works inside the ECU or engine control unit. This knowledge paves the way to largely enhance the power and fuel economy in only about 30 minutes through altering the settings of the ECU using remapping. Let's understand the diverse aspects o ECU.

What exactly ECU remapping is?

ECU remapping is a hot rage amongst petrol heads at present. The process involves fine tuning the program inside the ECU or replacing it with the upgraded program to elevate its power and performance. That is realized through getting rid of limitations that the manufacturer places on its potential. At first, it was done through swapping a circuit board or chip in the ECU; however, the newest way of doing it is through setting up new software there through the vehicles diagnostic port via a laptop provided by the remapping company.

Value of Engine Remapping

At first, only one kind of ECU remap was performed on all cars. This procedure permitted for many factors needed for places where the cars were exported for sale. As a result, the method met the whole requirements of the world, however, wasn't customized to your area. But, the newest remapping solutions aren't just specialized to a renowned model of the auto and its model or make. However it takes into consideration the climate, road conditions, terrain, as well as other specific conditions under which the car is to be driven. This result is more optimized, driven and efficient performance.

The Significance of Choosing Reliable Companies for Remapping

Car remapping offers many advantages to your auto provided a skilled company do the job. If done in the right way by the ordinary company, your car might well go for a toss. They don't look into ECU and change it to meet your needs, however, do it through utilizing free files on hand online. This makes the car less dependable and more vulnerable to damage. But, a reliable company will inspect the current engine mapping file before altering it according to your demands and then reinstall it into your car. This results in faster and smoother car. A good company also does a detailed diagnostic check on the car to make sure that there are no possible problems before or after the remapping.

Advantages of Engine remapping

Below are the benefits of engine remapping:

After your auto has been remapped, you can sleep up to 35 percent increase in break horsepower and the torque of your car. That provides the car more power to go beyond its current capabilities.

One of the handlings of the remapping results in an increase in the turbo boost that enhances the speed and efficiency of the vehicle.

Not just does it improve the throttle response but it also leads to a smoother and improved power delivery.

Also, it provides an improved rev range and improved MPG during normal driving.

Thus remapping is beneficial provided that it's done appropriately.





How to Replace Flat Tire

Posted on February 6, 2017 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

How to Replace Flat Tire

There are two different ways to follow when you want to change the tires of your car. One of these ways is to bring your car to a professional automotive mechanic shop and spend some cash for the specialized services offered. The other way is that you need to know how to do it yourself by the use of short and detailed steps.

Your very first step will require you to prepare for essentials like spare tire, jack-port and tool equipment. In your car, it must have all these stuff. Place them on the road next to the flat auto tire.

Once you have all the required tools, it is now finally the right time to start. Before switching or changing the flat tire, ensure that the car is parked at a level or flattened ground. Ensure that it is not parked on a slope for the car not to fall. You also need to ensure that the emergency brakes are set.

• Position Jack: Get a user guide or a manual to check the location where the jacking point of your car could be found. Make sure that it is in line with the jacking point. Your car should also be positioned at a level and a secure terrain before raising the jack.

• Increase the Car: Elevate your car far for you to have the right amount of space. This will let you remove the flat tire easy and fast.

• Remove the flat tire: Pull the flat tire towards you until it slid completely.

• Attached to the spare tire: After you have pulled the flat tire, you could now place the spare tire. It will require a lot of effort to line it up properly. The purpose is for it to slide in completely without a hassle and stress.

When driving your car, you need to get the flat tire, and you need to place it where the spare tire was once found. You must not leave your flat car tire on the highway side. You also have to get enough spare tires for you to be ready all the time. That is also in the case that this happens to you once again.

In addition to that, you need to ensure that you monitor the traffic on the roads. That is also, especially for you to avoid the situation. Other drivers will not like the idea of someone blocking the road because of a flat tire. Just like you, you could avoid this stressful situation provided that you have an extra flat tire.

Now that you have an idea on how to replace a flat tire and all things you need to prepare, you could now be at ease and comfort of not getting in trouble on the highway or the street. You already know how to replace flat tire easy and fast. Just follow the mentioned ways above, and you are ready to go!